What are the signs of Aspergers?

    1. Social interaction

Children with aspergers disorder might:

      • Initiate interactions with others but have difficulty in sustaining social interaction.
      • Interact with people if they need something or to talk about something that interests them, but not for the sake of being social or out of genuine interest in others.
      • Interact in an awkward and stilted way – for example, they might avoid eye contact while speaking or interpret things literally.
      • Interact more easily with adults than with children.
      • Not show emotion or empathy.
    1. Communication and language

Children with aspergers disorder might:

      • Be very verbal – for example, they might label everything in a room.
      • Join words together at the usual developmental stage (around two years).
      • Communicate with others about their own interests.
      • Use a flat or monotone voice.
      • Answer question, but not initiate questions if the topic doesn’t interest them.
    1. Repetitive or persistent behaviors

Children with aspergers disorder might:

    • Have restricted or obsessive interests that make them seem like ‘walking encyclopedias’ about particular topics.
    • Prefer routines and rules.
    • Not respond well to change.

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